Nokk Nokk: Who is there in your company?

You might know you have project managers, designers and engineers in your company. But do you know you have vegan chefs, chess masters, and fashion designers as well? People are more than their job titles. It's time to know the true awesomeness of the talent you work with everyday.

What Is Nokk Nokk

Discover and Be Discovered

Nokk-Nokk is an intuitive company network that allows employees to customize personal profiles to equally highlight skill sets, industry and vertical areas of expertise, as well as their passions, hobbies and general interests. Nokk-Nokk empowers organizations to shape teams and projects, and allows colleagues to break down the social and cultural third wall in the workplace.

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A desktop destination

Explore co-workers by specialties, projects and personal interests.

Spark a conversation

Break the ice easier when meeting new people in your company and learn new things about the ones you already know.

Build your team

Build best project teams based on their skills, specialties, and passions.

Award -winning Community Design

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